Barnes Genealogy Round Table Formed

Thirteen experienced genealogists have created what they are calling the Barnes Genealogy Round Table. The members are all descendant of the two earliest settlers of what could be called North Carolina Indian Territory. First among these early settlers was Solomon Barnes, Sr. (1752-1807). Solomon was first found in Bertie County, later Orange and finally in Burke County, North Carolina in 1771. A large land owner, his estate was located in the present-day community of Sugar Loaf in Alexander County. The second early member of the Barnes family to settle this area was Irish Immigrant Brinsley Barnes (1713-1794). Brinsley arrived from Ireland in Chester County, Pennsylvania circa 1734. In 1753, he was found in Orange County, North Carolina (present-day Chatham). He then migrated to Wilkes County, NC (present day Alexander) in or before 1784.
All members of the group are experienced, genealogical researcher. Three members hold Ph.D.’s and are currently or have been members of the research or teaching staffs at major U.S universities. The mission statement of the group states that they would review comment and vote on issues regarding Brinsley and Solomon and would initiate projects on them and their descendants. Two members of the group have agreed to serve as staff and contribute a significant amount of time to research. Unlike King Arthur’s Round Table, the Barnes Round Table decided to act collectively with no single leader. The group meets primarily by email but other methods of communication are being studied. At their first meeting the team agreed to attempt to identify and un-duplicate all Barnes’s in some Western NC Counties The counties and their date of formation follows: Ashe (1799), Buncombe (1791), Burke (1777), Haywood (1808), Iredell (1788), Rowan (1753), Rutherford (1779), Surry (1770), Wilkes (1777) and Tryon (Tryon existed only between 1768-1779. Tryon comprised present-day Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln, Rutherford, and Polk. The following other counties will be studied since data in their records provide clues regarding migration to the ten counties listed above: Chatham, NC; Chester, PA; Cocke, TN; Jackson, NC, and Sevier, TN. The group is preparing a comprehensive list which contains many duplicate Barnes’s or Barns’s names living in the above counties between 1771-1820. In addition to resources widely available on the Internet, the group has collected and will continue to collect source files only available in unautomated county courthouses, county libraries and studies by local genealogical societies. Charter member of the Barnes Genealogy Round Table are as follows: Dr. Christopher F. “Chris” Barnes is the 4th great grandson of Solomon Barnes and a member of the faculty of Georgia Tech. Hugh Barnes is the founder of Barnes-Oxford Genealogy Research Foundation, Inc. and the spokesman for its website ( Lauren Barnes-Collier at age 34, is the youngest member of the team but has nine years of genealogical research experience. She is a descendant of Joseph Barnes (1769-circa 1834) and a DNA descendant of Brinsley. Lauren is the number two person at Barnes Genealogy Research. Linda Buchholz is a genealogist and descendant of Brinsley through his daughter Mary Barnes Carter. Darlene (formerly Barnes) Courville is a genealogist and the 3rd great-granddaughter of Solomon through his son Peter Quincey. Linda Gardner is Brinsley’s 7th great granddaughter through his daughter Lydia Barnes Teague.  Active in the Daughter of the American Revolution, she has held numerous State and Regional positions including two two-year terms as Idaho State Registrar.  An article discussing hereditary Huntington’s Disease in Brinsley’s family will be published in January 2017.  The article traces the disease’s beginning with Brinsley’s spouse Elizabeth Lindley Barnes who was born in 1720 and died after 1785. Linda traces the disease the disease through the death of her brother. Dr. Linda Kimberling descends from Brinsley through Deaf John’s son Edward.  She pioneered in her article on Deaf John and for the first time revealed that he fought under Washington at Valley Forge.  Currently employed by the federal government, she has taught at Southern Illinois University and is researching an article on Brinsley’s son James “Handsome Jim. Sandy Lamb descends from Brinsley through his son Brinsley II or Jr.  She is the principal contact for the RootsWeb Descendants of Brinsley Barnes 1713 Database and has been active in FindAgrave. Gail Lindeman is a retired administrator of a county school system in North Carolina. Gail descends from Brinsley through his son Deaf John.  Her early ancestors first migrated from Wilkes, NC to Estill County, Kentucky where they joined Brinsley II or Jr.  Gail’s ancestor left Kentucky and relatives who fought for the Confederacy.  Her branch migrated to Missouri where they fought for the Union.  Gail is sharing her research with the website. Dr. Robert L.”Bob” McNeely is retired and is a full-time World traveler. A Professor Emeritus and retired administrator at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, he is the author of the Oxford Family Genealogy, the definitive work on Oxford genealogy in America.  He is the Oxford blog master for the Barnes-Oxford Genealogy website (  Brinsley Barnes is his 4th great grandfather through his son James “Handsome Jim” and Brinsley’s granddaughter Hannah who married James Oxford. Dr. McNeely published a book of maps called “Land Grants of Greater Burke County NC”.  The land grants are for Old Burke and reference grants in present-day Alexander where Brinsley and his descendants owned land. Margaret Ogilvie was adopted by her Ogilvie family. Through her birth family, she is Brinsley’s 6th great granddaughter through his son Brinsley Jr. or II.  Margaret is a Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist. She is the webmaster for a medical alliance and began genealogical research in the early 1980’s.  Margaret was surprised when she was asked to serve as the Ancestral Specialist for Brinsley II or Jr.  She was given the reply “because you are a knit picker”.  Margaret is doing some innovative Brinsley Jr land research for a forthcoming article.
Peter Stout a descendant of Thomas Barnes and Dr. Jack Jeffords a descendant of Anne Barnes Hobson are recbt additions biographical informational will be available on the website.
The Barnes Genealogy Round Table or an individual member of the group may be contacted by email at If you wish to contact a single member of the group use their name as the subject.