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    Joseph Barnes – born between 1760-1770 according to the 1830 Census at Haywood County NC. It shows him 60 to 69 years old per the 1830 Census We do not know where he was born or where he came from or who his wife or who his parents were but we do know he had several children who we have been able to identify through paper evidence and dna evidence and they are :

    James Barnes – born Jan 1812 married Mary Roof -October 23 1839 at Haywood County NC

    Mariah Barnes -born approx. 1802- married Richard Price on Aug 1st 1834 at Haywood County NC

    Elizabeth Barnes- born approx. 1815- married James W. Price on Aug 5 1835 at Haywood County NC
    On both Mariah and Elizabeth’s Marriage Certificates clearly identifies their father as Joseph Barnes

    We don’t know when Joseph Barnes actually died but through assumptions it might’ve been in the 1830’s because Joseph Barnes was still alive in 1830 per the 1830 Census and he was still alive in October 1831 as well when he had to go through trial for committing perjury in court.
    There are some other children in Joseph Barnes’s household that we have not identified them yet but based on the 1830 census
    there were:
    2 males aged 20-29 : birth years 1801-1810 ( Names Unknown)
    1 male age 15-19 : birth years 1811-1815 (James – son of Joseph)
    3 males age 5- 9 : birth years 1821- 1825 ( Thomas and ???)
    2 males under age 5: birth years 1825 – 1830( Henry and ???)

    1 female – 20-29: birth years 1801- 1810 ( Mariah)
    1 female 15-19: birth years 1811- 1815 ( could be Elizabeth ??)
    1 female 10-14 : birth years 1816-1820 (????)
    1 female under 5 : birth years 1825- 1830 ( speculated to be Rachel Barnes McFalls but not proven yet)

    Joseph Barnes ‘s wife her name is unknown – age given as 40 to 49 per the 1830 Census – puts her being born between 1781-1790

    If she was born 1781 to 1786 then it is definitely possible for her to give birth to those kids between 1801 and 1825 but of course she could have given birth as young as 13 years of age which was not uncommon during that time.

    If anyone has any leads or ideas about this group or have paper / dna evidence that proves this Joseph Barnes Branch Please do share !!!! It will be greatly appreciated.

    • This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  LBarnes806.
    • This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  LBarnes806.
    • This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  LBarnes806.
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