Oxford Family Tales

Oxford Family Tales are stories remembered and orally passed down through our family. This is an attempt to record them for posterity. We encourage each of you to remember your stories and share them with all. Text appearing in Green or Blue is a link to information located elsewhere and is information about the subject in the green text. In many cases, the information at the other side of the link also has green underlined text. Most often we will be linking to Wikitree.com. This gives us the opportunity to feature family members while lesser known than John, Henry, Samuel, and Reverend Isaac who played an important part in our family heritage. If you have a story to tell, we will work with you in linking to more information about your ancestor.  After clicking on green text go to the top of your screen and click on the highlighted tab at the top of your browser to view it.  When you are through viewing this information, click on the x in the light colored tab at the top. This will take you back to where you started.

Morgan Blair’s Builder of a Prized Family Heirloom